Frog by Wyplay is our portfolio of software solutions and professional services, all based on our proven open source TV middleware currently deployed in millions of subscribers' homes.

Frog by Wyplay is a range of 4 products that meet the diverse requirements of Pay TV operators and address their challenges such as subscribers churn and new revenues generation:

Wyplay Frog SourceThe open source digital TV software solution that puts you back in the driver's seat.
Wyplay Frog CustomThe independent digital TV expert that shapes the product tailored to your vision.

Wyplay Frog PremiumThe advanced end-to-end TV product that takes content consumption to the next level.
Wyplay Frog TurnkeyThe best user experience, ready to deploy, on cost-effective set-top boxes.

Wyplay Frog Source


For operators, with high ARPU and multi-million subscribers base, who desire to develop their TV solution by themselves.

Frog Source provides not only the full source code of 200+ field-proven middleware components but also comprehensive tools, documentation and a wide range of services. Frog Source allows to build a tailored solution, from a core TV zapper to the most advanced TV user experience with VOD, catchup, 3rd party OTT applications etc. on multiple devices.

Frog Source components are pre-integrated with Wyplay backend solution to enable value-added services such as recommendation, targeted advertising, analytics, etc. Unlike legacy competition, Frog Source and its open-source community are insurance against lock-in with full freedom and the cheapest approach for the operator using its internal R&D team.

Wyplay Frog Custom

For Tier-1 operators who are frustrated with their legacy TV solution providers not being able to execute and deliver their vision on time and on budget.

Frog Custom is Wyplay's offer to build and deliver operator's tailored TV experience thanks to a strong technology foundation and efficient professional services. It relies on field-proven components from the Frog Source code base. With Frog Custom, Wyplay manages the complexity and takes the full responsibility from the project definition to the complete end-to-end validation including custom developments and various integrations.

Frog Custom is a unique offering in our industry. It's delivered by an independent provider, with a customer-proven execution in full transparency, and based on open source technology enabling co-developments with operator/3rd parties.

Wyplay Frog Premium

The advanced end-to-end TV solution that takes content consumption to the next level

Frog Premium is an end-to-end, broadband-centric and content-driven solution that runs across devices. Frog Premium includes a complete services platform with advanced recommendations, voice recognition, and applications for Linux or Android set-top boxes, mobile devices, etc. It delivers a revolutionary user experience seamlessly blending multi-source video content (Live, Recordings, CatchupTV, S/T VOD, 3rd party OTT providers...)

Frog Premium is the perfect bridge from traditional linear TV to a blended user experience aggregating all content sources to minimize the subscriber's path to relevant content.

Wyplay Frog Turnkey

The best user experience, ready to deploy, on cost-effective set-top boxes

For operators in markets with low ARPU, who do not want to engage in costly and complex projects but still need to differentiate and deploy rapidly.

Frog Turnkey is an off-the-shelf end-to-end product, ready for deployment on entry-level to mid-range set-top boxes. In addition to a solid core feature Zapper-PVR, Frog Turnkey offers a modern HTML5 user experience with advanced revenue generating service powered by Wyplay backend solution including on-demand, advertising, analytics, etc.

Unlike legacy competition, Frog Turnkey is a future-proof product since it brings valuable connected services and uncompromised user experience on cost-optimized broadcast TV set-top boxes.