Wyplay is an independent, global and internationally recognized Solutions and Professional Services company.
It has won and deployed several of the world's leading 'tier 1' operators (SFR-Vivendi, Vodafone, Canal+, Proximus, Sky Italia, AT&T Direct TV, Telefonica, Dish TV India...) delivering innovative TV solutions into their markets. Wyplay has developed very deep and lasting relationship with its tier 1 customers and in addition to the initial implementation, Wyplay continue to deploy multiple projects with each of the customers listed above.

To sustain its lead in innovation, Wyplay has developed and deployed a wide range of Solutions and Services:
   • Solutions: AndroidTV, OTT Platform, Linux STB, User Experience, Legacy Management...
   • Services: Business & Technical Consulting, Architecture & Design, SW Development & Quality management, Solution & Project Management, Maintenance & Transfer.
By combining these Solutions and Services, Wyplay makes your Video Solution Transformation Successful


Our vision

For some years now, the TV market has been experiencing a major revolution with the convergence of Internet and Television, clearly redefining the value chain and jeopardizing the leading position of traditional players. This revolution is powered by four major shifts:
   • new content (User Generated Content, Applications, Catch-up...).
   • new connected devices (Dongles, Retail OTT boxes, Connected TVs, Tablets, Laptop, Game Consoles...),
   • new ways of delivering video (OTT: Over The Top video streaming),
   • and new uses (Multiscreen: TV + phone/tablet, Multi-user per subs).
These changes are lowering the barrier of entry to the video market for new comers. This allows Tier2-3 Pay-TV providers, Telcos, Media Companies to offer video services directly to the end-users.
Importantly, while end-users are increasingly demanding such advanced features, it remains equally important that the user experience stays as seamless as possible across devices.

By contrast, Internet giants such as Google, Amazon, Apple have entered the market with technologically advanced solutions and exclusive content but find themselves confronted with fierce opposition from operators who fear losing control of their platform triggering all the negative consequences: loss of advertising, loss of exclusive content deals, and eventual loss of subscriber base.
This results in a strong demand from all operators for innovative and independent solutions, and operators are addressing this challenge in one of two ways:
1) Investing in an advanced user experience to compete with the internet giants in which the operator needs flexibility, control and an ability to innovate at the same pace as the internet giants.
2) Embracing the technology from the internet giants. Some operators are now prepared to launch an Android TV or Apple TV device to offer customer additional content e.g. Netflix.
A number of operators are keeping their options opened and progressing with both of the approaches above. Wyplay is uniquely placed to create and deploy such solutions.
Regardless of the operator approach or the selected technology Wyplay can support the customers strategy by providing end to end software and system integration services and pay TV technology consultancy services to integrate Wyplay or third-party technology into the complex technical environment of a Pay TV provider.
Wyplay has become an highly regarded global leader in digital TV software solutions, thanks to the 150 talented Wyplay professionals, led by a Management team, experts in their field - former Neotion, Globecast, Soisic, SCM Microsystems.

Jacques Bourgninaud President & CEO - Co-founder
Dominique Feral Chief Sales & Marketing Officer - Co-founder
Arnaud Chataignier Chief Technical Officer - Co-founder
Jessica Taterka Human Resources Director
Bertrand Caillard Chief Financial Officer

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