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Alpha Networks’ Tucano - A unified back-end platform to deliver pay-Tv services

The collaboration between Wyplay and Alpha Networks dates back to 2015, when we joined forces and announced our partnership, showcasing at CES 2016 an end-to-end solution that combined two of our products Frog Turnkey and tucano. 2016 was the year when the integration became more mature and was successfully demoed in several shows, such as CES in Las Vegas, BroadcastAsia in Singapore and IBC in Amsterdam.

Bringing together our expertise in middleware and back-end services, we are offering one of the industry’s first fully integrated, software-based solutions, a comprehensive suite, to manage content, subscribers and payments, integrated with an open source customizable middleware, ready to be deployed.

Supporting a variety of VOD business models, including SVoD and TVoD, the solution includes a pre-designed UI that is been built on top of Frog by Wyplay middleware, allowing it to be deployed on hundreds of STBs. Integrating these two products together dramatically speeds up time-to-market for VOD STB projects. While a project typically takes 9 months, Alpha Networks and Wyplay’s solution cuts the timeframe under 6 months, ensuring compatibility between parties. The system is fully open, allowing the integration of any new VOD partner and devices within the ecosystem. Operators also have the flexibility to introduce new HTML5 user interfaces or web-based applications.

Alpha Networks‘ tucano is a back-end software platform that simplifies the management of content, offers, subscribers and payments, is device agnostic and supports multiple payment methods. Providing a comprehensive CMS/CRM back-end and allowing an out-of-the-box integration with video infrastructure and metadata providers, Alpha Networks enables swift integration with legacy systems. The platform provides an open API that can be easily used to integrate with client middleware, device applications and user interface providers. Tucano has built in capabilities for native billing & payment gateway integration, providing also ticketing and logistics functionality. Furthermore, tucano provides a simple API interface to allow further front-end implementation for a customized user experience.

The solution is going to be showcased again at Las Vegas NAB 2017 in April, then at Singapore BroadcastAsia in May and finally at Amsterdam IBC in September.

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